Alumni Weekend History

Alumni Weekend in Sylvester, GA has been in the fall of every year since 2016, normally at the end of October. This Alumni Weekend extravaganza is powered by the alumni classes of not only the Mighty Worth County Rams, but also the wise alumni of J.W. Holley High School, which was desegregated and conjoined with Worth County High School after 1969. This alumni event was designed to create reunionism in an untapped market of high school alumni gatherings in a class reunion style movement.

Many larger cities have multiple high schools within their city limits, but what makes small town Sylvester’s alumni reunion so unique and special is that there is only one primary school, one elementary school, one middle school, and one high school that everyone in the county attends. So if you were born and raised within the county lines of Worth County, then the alumni weekend is just a super huge family reunion for most with a “blast from the past” and “back to the future” experience!

The first six buttons below are all of the events that the alumni weekend have consisted of thus far. The weekend officially starts at the Friday night high school game where the Mighty Dubb C Rams beat whoever dares to challenge them and are supported by the great citizens of Worth County, parents, friends, and the alumni. After the game, the alumni get together for some adult fun party style with alot of dancing, hugging, and best of all LAUGHING!

Now don’t have too much fun because bright and early Saturday morning, there is an Old School vs. New School basketball game at the high school gymasium and please believe me, you do not want to miss the show. After the game, the alumni moves over to the main event of the weekend which is the great alumni tailgate where classes get together and grill, cook, or order food to share at their class tents and/or with other classes. Later Saturday night, the alumni attends a more formal style themed party which is different every year. Lastly Sunday evening after church, there is flag football/softball games going on to ease out the overloaded weekend. 

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