Rams En Blanc 2022

Rams En Blanc Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Diner en Blanc and what is the point of Rams en Blanc?


*If you’re unfamiliar with the event, Diner En Blanc is a social gathering where people dress in all white, partake in a gourmet picnic, and have to bring their own food, table, chairs, china, EVERYTHING. All table decorations should be white as well. The sole purpose of Rams en Blanc is to raise funds for the Alumni Association. Since the pandemic, we have not been able to host an event to raise funds but we’ve still had the obligation of providing scholarships for our seniors, providing before game meals for our athletic teams, and partaken in several other events in the community in which we’ve been asked to attend.


2. What are the key rules of the event?


Rain or shine, guests are expected.

Exude Elegance … in white. Originality is encouraged, as long as it remains elegant and tasteful.

Bring your own table, chairs, and picnic basket.

Follow the Volunteer Leader’s instructions.

Arrive with your Leader. Nobody arrives at the site on their own.

Drink responsibly.

Clean up: Take all your garbage with you and clean the area around your table.


3. My table host doesn’t own a white table can we use what she/he has?


*Yes, you can use the table you have. It will be draped in a white tablecloth.


4. What must guests bring?



*The table host will bring a square, rectangle, or round folding-table to accommodate (😎 and a white tablecloth. Each guest will bring a white chair; a white picnic basket and/or bag including a meal, cutlery, dishware, and glassware; and a garbage bag.


5. I’ve never attended Diner en Blanc. What do you suggest I prepare for dinner?


*Finger foods are a wonderful suggestion. I would suggest a grilled chicken salad, sub sandwiches, or cold foods etc as your entree. Some choose to bring an assortment of cheeses, meats, and fruit for the table to enjoy as a starter. Desserts are strongly encouraged.


6. Where can I find white dishware?


*The dollar tree has several options to choose from. A white ceramic plate and a wine glass would be fitting.


7. Where can I find a white folding chair?


*Rental Depot or Bob Whites Rentals rents white folding chairs for $2 each. If you have a standard brown folding chair at home, cover it with a white chair cover and bring it on.


8. Will the event be cancelled or postponed in case of adverse weather conditions?


*If public safety becomes an issue due to severe weather (ex. thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornados…), the local Hosts may decide to cancel or postpone the event.


9. How much does it cost to attend?


*Each table of up to 8 guests will be $150. The table host can divide the $150 amongst their 8 guests to purchase the table. The day before the event, the table host will meet the alumni board to pick up wrist bands. Each table guest must have a wrist band to attend the event. If a guest does not have a wrist band, they will not be admitted in to this event. *Please note that you do not have to buy a table with your class members to attend this event. If you have a few friends that would like to attend, purchase a table and split the cost to enjoy a beautiful ambiance and have a great time. Please remember this fundraiser is not for personal gain. It is solely being used for the purposes in which it was raised.


10. Are table purchases refundable?


*No, table purchases to the event are not refundable or transferable.


11. Do you have a sample of what the event will look like?


*Yes, please see the video above. We will also post a few videos and pictures on the Alumni page to give you an idea of what to expect. You can also google Diner en. Blanc to give you a better idea of what you are about to witness.

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