Next Level Community College & Career Fair

W.C.R.A.R. Inc.’s Next Level initiative was started in 2016 to assist not only students within Worth County’s educational system, but also community citizens interested in furthering their life possibilities. This initiative was named “Next Level” for the simple fact that it’s entire structure is geared towards providing enthusiastic individuals, groups of friends, family members, etc. some tools and outlets needed to assist them towards their next level goals. With the use of the Sumner Room of the Margaret Jones Library in Sylvester, GA, this awesome event is housed comfortably for a circle of motivation and information. 

Among the vendors of the Next Level event are colleges such as Albany State University, Albany Technical College, Fort Valley State University, Wiregrass Technical College, and South Georgia State College.

Although Next Level is arranged in a college fair style setting, there is much more than just colleges attending this event. There are also vendor such as the four military branches Army, Airforce, Navy and Marines. Also in attendance are representatives for your GED goals and educated Worth County Alumni staff to assist students and parents with their FASFA and scholarship needs. 

Please fill out the form below to RSVP to be a vendor at this event. 

Thanks to our 2023 vendors! Contact info below.

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