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2022 Worth County Rams Alumni Reunion

Presidential Statement:

I would first like to thank each and every one for remaining patient with us during our absence these past 2 years as we all know that the nature and magnitude of our gathering was not conducive to the state of the world pandemic that has hindered and outright devastated our way of life. The decision to postpone our annual gathering for the past 24 months was a collective decision made by the W.C.R.A.R. Board in order to preserve the safety of not only the Worth County community, but also our surrounding neighbors, family, and friends despite the financial depletion it may cause. We started this thing in 2015 with nothing, so we can start again but with proven prestige this time! Our goal is to come back bigger and better than ever and continue to grow as the years pass and more of our kids become contributing citizens. 


To date despite our recent hiatus, we have still managed to continue to accomplish our #1 goal, which is to provide scholarship funding for qualifying, deserving, graduating seniors. We wish to continue this now 7 year tradition by gaining our momentum again and hopefully gaining more participants from as many classes as possible. We have an awesome weekend planned and are excited to see you all together once again.  #RamPride


~Jarvis Jefferson~


Gearing up for Oct 28th - 30th, 2022 Get Ready......

Alumni Weekend Itinerary

Friday Night

~ Friday night football game Worth County Rams vs. Sumter County Panthers @7:30pm

@Milt Miller Field Sylvester, GA

~ Camo Alumni Mixer 

@ Summer Palace 305 W. Kelly St. Sylvester, GA.

Doors open @8:30

$7entry fee at the door for non-band wearers.



~Odds vs Evens Alumni BBall Game dedicated to Arthell Brown

@ W.C.M.S. gym.

Doors open @8a.m.

$7 at the door. 3 and under free.

DJ Breedlove on the 1’s & 2’s.

~Alumni Tailgate: Camo Style dedicated to the late great Mr. Clarence “Uncle Man” Polite and Kowalski Lewis.

@ J.W. Holley field.

Starting @ 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

$10 entry fee for all non-band wearers.

~!!FREE!! Black n Gold Party @ The Grille House 105 W Broad Ave. Albany, GA. Starting @ 9 p.m.



~Odds vs Evens Alumni Flag Football Game

@ Milt Miller Field

305 East St. Sylvester, GA

Starting @ 11 a.m.  




~Odds vs. Evens Alumni Softball Game

@ Henry Hall Woolard Softball Complex

709 W. Wallace St. Sylvester, GA

Starting @ 3 p.m.

Elite Ram Band

You may purchase a $10 Elite Ram band (for the Mixer and Basketball Game) if purchased via your class rep. That’s a $4 discount if you plan on attending both events. This band is not associated with your tailgate band. The purchase of the band is optional; however, if you do not pre-order your band via your class reps, you miss the opportunity to purchase the discounted Elite band as they are being pre-sold. You will then pay $7 per event at the door.

Tailgate Bands
All participants who pay their class dues via their class reps will receive (1) Alumni Class Participation Band that will be used for tailgating purposes ONLY. These bands do not cover any of the previously listed activities. This band should be used for yourself to enter the tailgating event.
Additional bands can be purchased in advance for $7 for children, spouses, friends, and family before the class dues deadline (discount for paid Alumni). (These will be a different color than the Alumni Class Participation bands) Tailgating bands for all others will be $10 at the gate. (All ages).

Please remember, one of our goals is to have fun but our main GOAL is educational advancement and that is to provide scholarships to well deserved students.

Please make contact with your class rep to determine if your class dues cover an Elite band. (Just because you paid your class dues does not automatically give you access to an Elite band, unless your class reps incorporate that fee in with your class dues.

Please remember that your t-shirt purchase is your contribution to the fundraiser that funds alumni scholarships given to graduating seniors each year. Thanks for your support!

WE BACK!!!!!!!!!

Friday Night Alumni Shirt

Saturday Night Alumni Shirt

White/Camo Combo: 2 for $30 S-XL White/Camo Combo: 2 for $34 2X-3X White/Camo Combo: 2 for $38 2X-3X Reminder, t-shirt money is due on September 10, 2022. From years of experience, I would set my class due date for t-shirt money submissions at least 1 week prior to the due date. There will be no additions after this date. Please note, shirts are to be purchased as a set/combo. Encourage your classmates to go ahead and purchase camo bottoms (optional) to be worn with the white Friday shirt. Let's make this year a year to remember in the safest way possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to respond to this email.

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